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Cabrini Childrens Society

(formerly Catholic Childrens Society)

Cabrini Children’s Society (formerly Catholic Children’s Society) is a regional social care agency covering the Diocese of Southwark, Arundel and Brighton and Portsmouth.  Established in 1887, the Society works primarily in disadvantaged communities helping to improve the emotional wellbeing and outcomes for local children, young people and families.  The Society relies almost entirely on the generosity of our Catholic supporters for voluntary income.  The Society places children’s needs at the centre of everything it does.

Parish collections will be placed in a fund for use only in such services as community projects, schools counselling, residential care and catechetical programmes for people with learning disabilities.

The parish’s recent annual donations on behalf of Cabrini Children’s Society raised in excess of £400.00   They have been in touch to ask us to pass on their appreciation for your continued support of their work.   It may be of interest to note that 97% of all the donations raised through parishes goes directly to the projects. If you would like to find out more about their work or get involved, you can contact Ann on 020 8668 2181 or email her at ann.hoggan@cabrini.org.uk  You can also visit them online at www.cabrini.org.uk.


Cabrini Children’s Society
49 Russell Hill Road

Telephone: 020 8668 2181/4